mercredi 4 juin 2008

Turnips "à l'orientale"

Hey emily, remember I told you about this recipe the other day and we were trying to decide how to translate "navets"..? ;-)
Today I decided to make more of those ... and nearly couldn't find the online recipe again ! Time to write it down ! :-P

What you'll need :
3 or 4 medium size turnips
1 onion
a little olive oil
chicken stock
dried raisins
sliced almonds

Start with slicing the onion, peel and cut the turnips in medium size dices. Brown them together in a frying pan with a little olive oil. Then add a little water, some powdered chicken stock, the curry and cumin. Don't forget the salt. Cover and let simmer for a while until the turnips are soft.
Then add the raisins, and maybe a touch of "crème fraiche" if you wish (of course that wasn't in the initial recipe but you know me... ;-)
Finally, add the sliced almonds when serving.

We love to eat this dish with some "couscous à l'orientale" which you can purchase in most local supermarkets (basically just regular couscous with added spices, so handy as you just need to add boiling water!)

Let me know if you try it ! At least there's no meat in this one, and nearly no crème fraiche ! ;-)