samedi 20 octobre 2007

Porc à la Tomate

Here's another recipe for you Emily: I know you don't eat that much meat but you might be able to adapt it with tofu ? It's a slight adaptation of one of my mum's classic recipes. Except I added some carrots because as always.. the more veggies I can throw in a dish the happier I am.. ;-) Red peppers should really go well in this too ! I'll try next time.

You'll need:
one onion
one fat carrot
one can of diced tomato
pork meat (without bones)
some olive oil
Herbes de Provence (seasoning herbs)

Another quick and easy recipe: slice and brown the onions in a large frying pan with some olive oil, add the meat and carrots cut in dices (small one for carrot, large ones for meat). Let cook for 5-10 mn, then add the tomato can, some Herbes de Provence, and salt. Let simmer another 10-15 mn. Done !

I usually serve this with rice or grains...

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